Relaxing Fantasy Music - Ohori Village

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83, 679   |   7 мес. назад  |   3, 633 - 22

Relaxing Fantasy Music - Ohori Village

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FINALLY a new 20min relaxing song.^^ This song was again very much inspired by the artwork, this time by Stephen Garret. I started imagining the village, the people in it and the surroundings and while I composed the music the fantasy became more and more fleshed out, until I could literally take a walk through Ohori Village inside my head and knew the faces and names of the people living in it. The name Ohori is a fantasy name I came up with btw, I thought it fits the character of the village.^^ I found out today that Ohori is also a Japanese family name so there's that. xD
The musical themes of the song kind of automatically adopted a fusion between South American, Pacific Islander and South-East Asian styles and instruments (with an underlying classical structure), which I don't think I've ever achieved before, so this song is quite special to me from both a musical perspective and an imaginative one.

All music composed and arranged by Adrian von Ziegler.

The artwork was created by this great artist:

© All audio material is copyrighted by Adrian von Ziegler.

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Relaxing Fantasy Music - Ohori Village

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