Credit Tips | Free Credit Report | Credit Management | 2019

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Credit Tips | Free Credit Report | Credit Management | 2019

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7 Best Credit Tips / How To Get Your Free Credit Report / 2019


Managing Your Credit Scores
Did you know that the average credit score in the US is 740?

Having access to affordable credit is an achievable goal for anyone but achieving financial health will take time, consistency, and perseverance. Your financial health requires a long term strategy and focus.

Start by Accessing and Evaluating your Credit Report. By doing this you will be able to see how lenders evaluate your credit risks. Your credit report is the foundation of your score, make sure the reported data is accurate. If you see errors follow the dispute instructions to get the errors resolved.

You can check your credit report for Free once per year at
(This services does not populate a score but does allow you see your report for free.)

Credit Score Dynamics
1. Paying bills on time has the biggest effect on your Credit scores. Whenever possible set up automatic payments or reminders. Missed payments can substantially effect your score so it's important to get and stay current.

2. Keep credit card balances well below your credit limits.

3. Pay off debt, don't just move it around to other cards.

4. When shopping for rates for a home, auto or student loan, do it over a short period so the inquiries get treated as a single inquiry.

5. Avoid short term gimmicks such as closing unused accounts or opening new ones just to increase available credit or take advantage of lower interest offers. When you do this you are throwing away years of good payment history and starting
fresh so your score may have an adverse effect.

6. Contrary to common belief you do not have to use a credit card all the time to build your score but the credit card company may close the account if its been inactive for a long period of time. Keep the accounts you need open whenever possible.

7. Continue to check and monitor your credit scores on a regular basis. Your scores are dynamic and change in real time. Seeing how your score changes based on your activity will allow you to align your behavior accordingly.

The Bottom Line:
Understanding your Credit Scores over time and adjusting your financial behavior is a vital part of your financial health and can help you get the credit you want at more favorable rates!

7 Best Credit Tips / How To Get Your Free Credit Report / 2019
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Credit Tips | Free Credit Report | Credit Management | 2019

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