Serpwatcher Review : Best Rank Tracker Plus A 20% Promo Code!

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Serpwatcher Review : Best Rank Tracker Plus A 20% Promo Code!

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To start off, I want to show you the Unique and powerful metrics SERPWatcher gives you.
Some examples are the:
* Dominance index
* Estimated Visitors / Month

The Dominance Index has a value from 0-100. A value of 100 means that you fully dominate the organic traffic with your keywords. Whereas a value of something like 9 means you have a lot of work to do as far as boosting up within your rankings.
This means you are now able to see how well you are doing with your rankings overall!

The Estimated visits / month is a very powerful metric because this allows you to get an idea on how many visitors you have based on your keyword ranking position and monthly daily traffic.

Not only are the estimated visit results / month keyword specific, but SERPwatcher tells you and estimate from your keywords overall.

This is awesome because you can now give your client an accurate number when it comes to visitors per month they are receiving from your work

This data is very useful, because you can start to scope out which keywords are benefiting you most, in terms of the estimated visits you are getting from that keyword

Secondly, I want to talk about some cool features and functionalities that are included with SERPWatcher.
There are the:
* Biggest changes
* Keyword position flow
* Share report
* Reports & Alerts
* Keyword position distribution
* The ability to track your rankings both globally and locally

With any business, its important to filter out the bad data from the good data. This is so we can improve on what we are struggling with. WEll With the biggest changes feature, SERPWatcher will let you know which keywords have gained & lost rankings with the associated visitors per month change.

I love the biggest changes features because with the positive stuff it gives you you can create content ideas and know whats working and then as for the negative you know whats not working and what you can do about those keywords.

The share report feature is an exciting feature that allows you to share your reports with clients, partners, or anyone who would like to see your rankings data.

You can either share just your keyword rankings or add an overview of your rankings

The reports & Alerts Feature allows you to create weekly or monthly reports or make custom alerts to notify you if keyword rankings have entered or left the top 10 or top 100, . Just like the share reports feature, you can pick if you want to share an overview or just your keyword rankings only.

The last bit of functionality I wanted to talk about is that you have the ability to track keyword rankings both globally and locally. This tool would be great for an SEO consultant to utilize on a project because all you have to do is enter in the location of business that you are doing SEO for and the designated keywords for your client. SERPWatcher will then track all the keyword rankings withi n that location, so you as an SEO can use this tool to track local rankings.
On the other hand, SERPWatcher allows any non-local SEO to use this tool. If you own a business that is online, then you have the ability to make your SERP tracking campaign not location specific and look what your keywords look like globally and not locally

Now for the pricing I think it’s very reasonable.You guys will love this because I was able to score us all a 20% discount off of the whole Mangools Bundle. This discount gives you access to KWFinder ,which is a great keyword research tool that i use personally to just track keyword competition and you also get serpchecker, and serpwatcher. So you can use serpwatcher, serpchecker, and kw finder all in one bundle all for 119.20 / year or 23.20 / month. Now usually when you buy this, it is 149.99 /yr or 29.00 / month. So, you’re getting a pretty good deal with this 20% discount!

Lastly, I know I said this earlier, but I have implemented SERPWatcher, along KWFinder in my daily SEO workflow. Now you might be wondering why, but just take a look at my website at I was able to make my company a success, because I now have a bundle of programs that puts all the important data I need to see all in a series of graphs and charts. I’m able to waste less time with SEO and study more on learning and content creation

Furthermore, SERPWatcher gives you added value with the estimated visits / month feature and dominance index, biggest changes feature, and all of the others.
This allows me to see how well my SEO campaigns are doing and what I need to do in order to get the best results.

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Serpwatcher Review : Best Rank Tracker Plus A 20% Promo Code!

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